It has been 6 years since I started HEAT F+A
and plunged into the beautiful world of Vintage. Even in its most challenging moments, Vintage has brought such joy in my life. I’ve gained so many relationships and family thru this small community. A community that loves fashion and our earth in equal parts. It’s funny to think I started on Ebay not knowing much except I knew what I liked. But it hasn’t been a solo act. I’ve always had someone who has helped, encouraged, pushed, but most of all believed in me. It has always taken two people to sail this ship. I am so grateful for all those hands on friends and my amazing family. Thank you! Without you I’d be a mess. For this reason the name HEAT F+A no longer resonates with me and the future of my little shop.
 I’m happy to announce our new name Ome!
From the Aztec dialect, Ome means the number two. Not long after I started to do outdoor market’s, did I realize Vintage is like playing matchmaker. Bringing two different decades together for the perfect look. Two different people who fit into this outfit perfectly and make them feel good. I’m honored to have found this space to create and discover. I hope to provide beautiful day to day outfits, glamor looks and inspiration for the new and established designers out there. 
Most of all, thank you to all the loyal ladies and gents who have supported us!